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How to Resolve Spending Conflicts this Holiday Season

Texas CPAs Offer Advice to Get Couples in Tune Financially

If you think two pewter turtledoves would grace the holiday table just fine, but your significant other wants to spring for the crystal ones, your dilemma may be more financial than fashionable.

Texas CPAs say birds of a feather don’t always flock together and keeping a couple happy when one’s a saver and one’s a spender may require some simple planning.

According to Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) Chairman, Kym Anderson, it’s best for couples to talk openly and honestly about their finances before starting deciding what, and how to, spend.

“It’s important that couples are on the same page financially. Even if one spouse has a more impulsive buying personality and the other would rather save for the future, they must come together to create and stick to a family budget,” said Anderson.

Some of the financial issues Texas CPAs recommend that couples discuss include the division of household financial responsibilities like paying bills and shopping for insurance, the best way to teach children about money, and long-term goals like buying a car, house and retirement investing.

Couples can now see how financially simpatico they really are with TSCPA’s online financial compatibility quiz in the Couples and Marriage section of


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