Workplace Financial Education

Financial Literacy Resources for the Workplace

Having a job may give you a paycheck, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you know what to do with the money you earn. At a time when the financial literacy of Americans is at a dangerously low level (Forbes), isn’t it time you help your employees become fiscally fit?  Thanks to the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants’ (TSCPA) workplace financial education program, you can get FREE financial literacy resources for your workplace.

Whether you’re the company president or a human resources or communications professional, bring these free personal finance resources into your office and share them with your employees.

The World Health Organization calls stress “the health epidemic of the 21st century.” In two recent surveys, HR professionals indicated financial worries continue to contribute to employee stress on the job (MetLife) and 83% said that personal financial challenges had a large impact or some impact on overall employee performance (SHRM). Workplace stress is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year (ComPsych). With all of these statistics, how can you afford not to take advantage of this workplace financial education program?  

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Like a physical wellness program, this informative personal finance program can strengthen your employees’ fiscal health and empower them to better manage their money. Research shows that helping employees with their personal finances can boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and build employee engagement (HRMagazine).

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Getting Started
A SHRM study reports fewer organizations (52%) compared to 2009 (64%) are providing any kind of financial education to their employees and 25% indicated cost as a factor in not providing financial education to employees. Well, TSCPA’s workplace financial education program is FREE! Problem solved!

Just download the free materials and distribute them throughout your workplace.

Besides these free printable resources, TSCPA can help arrange free personal finance education seminars for your employees.

If you have suggestions for the TSCPA’s workplace financial education program, tell us.

Free Resources

Just download and distribute!

Articles for Employee Newsletters/Intranets
Microsoft Word documents)

Buying a Home

Did You Get a Large Tax Refund?

Setting and Keeping A Budget

Saving For a Child's College Education

The Roth 401(k)

What Types of Financial Records Should You Keep

Teaching Kids About Money

Avoiding Seasonal Splurging

Signs Your Debt is Out of Control

Protect Your Identity (And Your Pocketbook)

How to Establish Good Credit

Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid

Financial Advice for Couples

Table Tents for Break Rooms (.PDF)
401(k) Plans Table tent Table tent
Budgeting Table tent Table tent
Buying a Home Table tent Table tent
Credit Card Debt Table tent Table tent
Identity Theft Table tent Table tent
Planning for a Disaster Table tent Table tent
Seasonal Spending Table tent Table tent
Surviving Divorce and Starting Over Financially Table tent Table tent
Teaching Kids About Money Table tent Table tent
Using Your Tax Refund Wisely Table tent Table tent

Flyers for Bulletin Boards (.PDF)

401(k) Plans
Buying a House
Credit Card Debt
Disaster Planning
Seasonal Spending
Identity Theft
Surviving Divorce and Starting Over Financially
Teaching Kids about Money
Using Your Tax Refund Wisely

Paycheck Inserts (.PDF)
401(k) Plans Inserts Inserts
Budgeting Inserts Inserts
Buying a Home Inserts Inserts
Credit Card Debt Inserts Inserts
Seasonal Spending Inserts Inserts
Identity Theft Inserts Inserts
Planning for a Disaster Inserts Inserts
Surviving Divorce and Starting Over Financially Inserts Inserts
Teaching Kids About Money Inserts Inserts
Using Your Tax Refund Wisely Inserts Inserts

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